Thursday, August 18, 2016

~ ~IMPORTANT VIDEO ~~from Colleen Hoover (and bit more than expected to write from me)

I know this is long, but it's so, SO important. I watched it all, and this is from someone that can't watch videos (anxiety, blah blah blah).

When you start to watch this, you'll think it's just about authors, but it's not. Keep watching. It's about society and our sensitivity -- good or bad, your decision to make. But we need to keep in mind that being an author is REALLY hard as it is today. Also...authors have feelings. They're not blank faces behind words.

Now...this author in particular. I was a huge fan of HER before I even read one of her books. Why? Because she always makes me laugh. Because when she was just starting out, I read a great story about her saving someone with a few dollars, where most would've ignored that person. And have you heard of the Bookworm Box? Look it up. That's all her, her husband and (I believe) her sister, along with a list of volunteers that keeps getting bigger just to pack boxes -- ALL for charities. This busy lady traveling the country spends more time than *I* have working in a store where she doesn't make a dime. This woman is all heart. She was the last to finally get even slightly discouraged. If she is, the writing world WILL crumble, because everyone else that aren't with huge publishers are probably already giving up. We need to just not read a book if we don't know what's in it. Not complain later when it didn't have trigger warnings in the blurb that would give away the plot. And there's LOTS of potential trigger warnings, so an author is bound to miss noting one, simply because they don't know it's a trigger.

This isn't just books. This is videos, music, TV, and everyday life. Let's work less on finding the negative in things, and more on the positive. And just say " wasn't for me." Instead of attacking whatever artist.

Sorry...I had no idea my own post would go this long, but please still watch the video. It's a SUPER important message from a women with a great soul that still takes ownership for her own mistakes -- and of course brings up her love for her new water. 
#AuthorLove #TheyLiterallyGiveUsTheirSouls


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