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~ BOOK REVIEW ~ Midnight Devine ~ By Valerie Roeseler

Midnight Divine (The Helio Trilogy #1)
by Valerie Roeseler 


Leaving her broken home and shady past behind, Ivy Harris is determined to make something of herself. Her new acquaintance, Jack Roe, is irritating and arrogant with a womanizing reputation. Despite his secretive behavior and constant pursuit of her, Ivy finds herself falling for him. When Jack’s secrets are revealed, Ivy discovers her life isn't her own as she's trapped within a conflict between beings of light and darkness.

After a series of dangerous encounters threaten her existence, she finds comfort from a mysterious stranger and gains the loyalty of unexpected forces. The walls Ivy has secured around her crumble in the wake of tragedy, and the devotion of her friends provide her with the family she's longed for. With their safety and her survival contingent on her actions, Ivy has no choice but to become the force of nature she's destined to be.

~My Review~
5 out of 5 Stars!

I have to say, after all of the things that Ivy was put through that were life changing, and in such a short period of time, I was surprised I never read “and then Ivy’s head exploded”.  This was an intense story from Ivy’s point of view, but this girl HANDLED it!

After reading this book, Ivy is my new hero.  She already wasn’t a typical girly girl.   She played the guitar in an all girl band, and KILLED it at racing and fixing cars.  She also decided that no matter how many bad things in life were thrown at her, she was going to college, and she took it very seriously.  Then, when her world got flipped upside down – several times – she didn’t let it break her. She fought harder, she got tougher, and she got rid of her own personal demons that got in the way of her real goals.  She’s a tough, super cool character, and I’d possibly beg her to be my friend in real life (in a super cool way, of course).

Another thing that stood out about this book was the detail the author was able to go into about many different subjects. For instance, the detailed explanation of how to race the cars, details about the music and equipment, and several other things I won’t give away.  Either this other is as awesome in real life as Ivy, or she did an exceptional job at researching every subject she wrote about, which I have huge respect for. It would have been easy to talk about the races without the details of how and when to shift, break, turn, accelerate, etc, but the details made me feel more like I was there driving myself.

I also really liked that the author didn’t make good and evil so obvious as I’ve read in so many other books.  There’s no black and white – if you’re one thing you’re good, if you’re another thing you’re bad.  She delves deeper, showing there is an incredible amount of gray area, and it’s possible for members to come together on common ground.  This is really what kept me on my toes the entire time.  I never knew who was REALLY good or bad, or who Ivy could trust.

If you’re someone like me who has a terrible habit of predicting who ‘mystery’ characters are, it’s likely you’ll figure one of them out pretty quickly.  As I kept reading, I was hoping to be surprised and proven wrong, but although I wasn’t wrong, I still wasn’t disappointed.  In fact, I think I was supposed to know.  It was all about the reveal of who they were – tricky, and I like it!

There was certainly more than one (or two) nights that I stayed up reading “one more chapter” until my eyes were burning.  This book kept me sucked in permanently, even thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it.  I will definitely be reading the next one, as things are really getting good! 

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~NEW RELEASE!~ Rise of the Sea Witch ~ By Stacey Rourke

Title: Rise of the Sea Witch
Author: Stacey Rourke
Genre: YA Fantasy/ Fairy Tale and Folklore
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Details of the sea witch’s banishment have been exaggerated. The body count that preempted it was not. Once an illustrious princess, her hands and tentacles were stained with the blood of thousands. No one could comprehend how the hooks of madness dragged her down from her life of privilege.  

Born Princess Vanessa of Atlantica, the ambitious young royal was one of two children born to the great King Poseidon. She and her brother, Triton, were groomed from birth to rule. Yet only one would ascend that coveted throne. While carefree Triton flits through his training with a cavalier demeanor and beguiling charm, Vanessa’s hunger for her father’s acceptance drives her to push herself to the limits of magic, and combat to become a leader worthy of her people.   

When war against the humans ravages their once regal kingdom, political sides are chosen. Factions from the seven seas challenge the existing leadership, pitting Vanessa against her brother in a vicious battle for the crown. Traitors are exposed, dark family secrets revealed, and a once strong sibling bond is strained to its breaking point.

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~COVER REVEAL!~ Guarding Eden by Cameo Renae

Title: Guarding Eden (A Midway Novel)
Author: Cameo Renae
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: CHBB
Cover Designer: Stefanie Saw
Expected Release Date: July 21, 2017
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***The Midway Novels are spin-offs of the Hidden Wings Series, but each book can be read as a standalone.***

Tucked away at an upscale, private boarding school in Brindle Hollow, Washington, seventeen-year-old Eden East comes face to face with a hideous creature on her walk back to her dorm. Shaken to her core, she's left questioning the world around her, and soon finds herself entering a friendship with a hot, new student named Alexander.

Little does she know, Alex is a Guardian Angel, sent from Midway to protect her from those dangerous creatures—known as Darkling—lurking in the forest outside Brindle Hall. It isn’t long before Alex learns this is no ordinary assignment. Eden’s existence holds a secret; something hidden from even herself.

Eden is thrust into a world where Fallen angels and creatures of the Underworld will stop at nothing to catch her. With Alex at her side and a little help from some of his old friends, they form a formidable front against the enemy.

 Hopefully, it’s not too little, too late.


2016 Young Adult Author of the Year - Penned Con
2013 Break Out Author by Young Adult & Teen Readers
2013 Book of the Year (Hidden Wings)

Cameo Renae was born in San Francisco, raised in Maui, Hawaii, and recently moved with her husband and children to Alaska.
She's a daydreamer and a caffeine and peppermint addict who loves to laugh, loves to read, and loves to escape reality. One of her greatest joys is creating fantasy worlds filled with adventure and romance and sharing it with others.
One day she hopes to find her own magic wardrobe and ride away on her magical unicorn. Until then...she'll keep writing!

Author Links:

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~REVIEW AND EXCERPT BLITZ with GIVEAWAY~ Midnight Rose ~ By Dani Hart

Midnight Rose
(Midnight series, #1)
By Dani Hart


My grandfather had once told me that life was an unpredictable beast—one moment calm with a full belly and heavy eyes, and the next, digging its paws in the dirt, snarling just before it took down its next victim. Until recently, I would argue with that notion, listing all the reasons why my life was as predictable as the tides coming and going. While I listened, I was young and never put much thought into a lot of the things my grandfather told me, but all that changed when the Hunters moved back to Sandpoint. More specifically, Wes Hunter. That was when the impossible became possible and the predictable became unpredictable.

As Abigail Rose looked down on her new world, she couldn’t deny the things she had seen and all the things she had learned. There were days she wished she could go back to her old life, but she had changed. Evolved. She was no longer a love-struck seventeen year old. She was a chosen leader and her path was undeniable. The black and white was fading to gray, and the only thing between mortals and immortals was her.

My Review:
~5 out of 5 Stars~
I absolutely LOVED how this book was written.  I would definitely say that the thing that stands out most to me, that kept me on the edge of my seat the most, was that the entire book was written from Abigail’s point of view.  Sometimes, even in cases of alternating points of view, things are given away too much because you know what everyone is thinking, and often feel like you’re one step ahead as the reader.  In this case, you are just as confused, scared, sad, happy, shocked, etc. as Abigail, at the same TIME as Abigail.  Not only is the story an incredible ride itself, but it’s also an incredible emotional rollercoaster through a seventeen year old’s eyes.

I really want to give very little away about this book in this review, because the new discoveries practically every time you turned a page were what I loved about this book so much.  I really try to figure out what will happen next when I read books, and am sometimes disappointed when I’m right.  In the case of this book, if I guess an event, or what would happen to someone, it was more of a prayer that I was right – not that it was obvious.

There are several characters in this book that come into Abigail’s life, and some will have obvious effects on her, some will be characters you’re sure are bad/good/boring/important/etc, and I can assure you that 90% of the time you will be wrong. As she herself is told a few times, trust nothing and no one.

Down to the very last word of the very last page, you are shocked at every revelation.  I love being kept on my toes with a book that has a very original story line and original characters.  I most certainly found that in this book!  I have to warn you there IS a sort of cliffhanger, but not a killer one…just one that really leaves you looking forward to what happens next.  And I can’t wait until I find out!



“Did you get the soup?” Wes’ voice encircled me, catching my breath in my chest. He was only a foot away from me, his eyes glowing under the soft patio lights. Words escaped me, and my lungs ceased to function. Even my knees weakened. In seconds, I had transformed into a pathetic teenage girl hopelessly in love.

  He dipped his head slowly, his eyes peering up, inviting me into his enchanting world, the upturn of his lips teasing me.

  “I—How did you know?” A familiar comfort floated between us.

  He took a step closer and sank his head in the space between my ear and my shoulder, grazing his lips back and forth, taking in a deep breath. Dizziness swirled around me, my mouth falling open as I took in labored breaths, my hands planted to the wall for support.

  “I know everything about you, Abigail Rose,” he whispered into my ear as his lips traveled up my neck, his warm breath leaving a trail of goose bumps in its wake. “I know your favorite soup.” His nose explored my hair. “I know what shampoo you use.”

  I was losing myself in him, the will to stay still collapsing.

  He continued, “I know that you tie your hair up when you are uncomfortable.” One of his hands planted on the wall next to my head, the other glided through my hair, wrapping around locks and tugging lightly. A soft murmur escaped my mouth as his mouth explored my jawline. “I know what I feel when I’m around you.”

   With that, my paralyzed limbs awoke and my fingers twisted in his hair. His hands cradled my face, pulling my lips to his.

  “Wes.” A harsh demand reached us from the shadows, pulling us apart. Ben stepped into the light, glaring at his brother, his eyes vicious and his body rigid.

Wes turned to me, regret confronting me for just a moment before he left in the opposite direction of his older sibling. Ben focused his fury on me then, causing me to stumble back into the bistro.

Finishing my shift proved difficult, my thoughts racing between Wes’ confession and Ben’s obvious and inexplicable rage. My life was quickly spinning out of control, and I wasn’t in the driver’s seat anymore. I felt Mr. Hunter’s eyes on me as I grabbed my bag and ran out to my car where my dad was waiting. He hopped out, taking the passenger seat position.  I was surprised when we arrived home. I was on autopilot these days.

“I think you’re ready for your test Monday. How do you feel?”

I killed the engine and looked down at the steering wheel, avoiding eye contact.

“Good,” I replied with a small smile. How could I concentrate on such mundane things when suddenly I was surrounded by chaos?

“I’m going to miss driving around with you,” he confessed and then jumped out of the Jeep. “You coming?”

“Yeah, in a minute.”

He looked at me oddly. “Okay.”

He shut the door and went inside. I flipped on my iPod playlist and leaned my seat back, closing my eyes, visions of Wes so close to me vividly replaying in my mind.  Suddenly, an overwhelming sensation of being watched came over me.

I shot up quickly, startled by Wes standing outside the passenger door. Unforgiving tension passed between us as the seconds turned into minutes until time no longer existed. The storm that had rolled in during my shift had exchanged a light drizzle for an unexpected downpour, soaking Wes, who stood unfazed, studying me.

The click of the handle sent my heart racing for cover as he slid in, the water rolling off his body and settling into the leather. The cold followed him inside, but as I was reaching to turn the engine on, Wes placed his hand around mine, stopping me, the soft touch reminding me of so many times his hand had touched mine. I sucked in a shallow breath, closing my eyes as the water from his hand dripped onto mine. Only when he pulled it away did I look over, meeting his pained expression.

“What?” I asked quietly.

He twisted his hands tightly on his lap.

“My father told me to stay away from you, but I don’t know how to do this.” His knuckles turned white as he squeezed them tighter together.

  “Do what?” My voice was shaky now. 

 He shook his head slowly. “Be around you without...” He lifted his head, untangling his hands, and leaned into me. His finger hooked under my chin, holding my gaze to his. I was under his spell once again, entranced by his beauty.

  “Without what?” I asked breathlessly.

His eyes reached out and took hold of my soul, absolving pain’s past. Then without warning, he dropped his hand and sat back in his seat, securing his hands together once again.

Tears welled in my eyes, the familiar disappointment lingering. “You can’t keep doing this to me.” My words broke as I choked back humiliation.

“I know,” he said regretfully.

  “Then, why?” I was begging for answers, pleading for closure before my broken heart was irreparable.

  “Because I don’t know how to live without you either.” He gritted his teeth, the truth setting him free, but also defeating him.

  “Then don’t,” I pleaded. “Don’t push me away, Wes. Please.” My heart ached. 

  His iridescent eyes faded, replaced with a terrifying darkness as he pushed my hair away from my neck and leaned into me. 

  “Your eyes,” my voice quaked.

  “Are you afraid of me, Abby?” His voice was steady.

  I shook my head slowly. “No,” I whispered.

  He took my wrist roughly in his hand. “Are you afraid now?”

  Tears rushed down my cheeks as I shook my head more quickly this time. “No.” I was holding onto the trust we had built over the years. 

  He pulled my face closer to him, his nose gliding over my swollen eyes and dampened cheeks.
  “What about now?” he whispered.

  “Never.” Why was he doing this to me? I felt completely decimated, and it was my fault because I was letting him break me. 

  His eyes lifted to mine, the onyx melting away to perfect iridescence again. Without warning, he jumped out of the Jeep into the storm and into the forest, his silhouette visible among the trees as lightning flashed across the forest.

  I’m not the one you need to be afraid of.

I was stunned into disbelief. Believing in the unbelievable had shifted my sense of stability, forcing me to face all things out of the realm of possibility no longer trapped in the fantasy books of my childhood. The stories ran rampant around me no longer hidden in make believe. They were right in front of me all along. The veil had been lifted. Wes wasn’t like me. He wasn’t like anyone. He was something else entirely. 

About The Author

I have always been drawn to words. They have this enchanting magic to touch my soul when I need it the most, whether through reading or writing. My love for writing started as most little girl's with a diary. It evolved into a big girl journal and then transformed into a notebook of poetry during the dark days of high school. I followed my dream to USC (University of Southern California) to study theatre, creative writing, and screenwriting. Finally, I understood how to take the stories in my head and commit them to paper. I was fortunate enough to sell my first professional script during college and have been writing ever since. In 2013 I took to self-publishing. I realized quickly that my passion resonated across many genres, so currently I have published young adult, fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, new adult, and women’s fiction. With both of my kids in school full-time now I am able to immerse myself in my passion more and when I’m not writing I’m enjoying the short time I have with my babies and my husband.
“I write what my heart sings.”  

You can find Dani at 


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~ REVIEW AND EXCERPT BLITZ! ~ Order of the Sicari Series ~ By Monica Burns

Ancient Rome Collides with Present-Day and Only Love Can Save an Empire’s Collapse and Ensure Another’s Downfall! 

Assassin's Honor 

(Order of the Sicari #1)

Only love can save a telekinetic assassin's honor in a world where Ancient Rome never fell. Passion abounds in this award-winning series.

The Roman Empire never collapsed for Ares DeLuca and other Sicari. Ares comes from an ancient bloodline of telekinetic assassins who have lived in the shadows for two millennia. The Sicari are honor bound to kill only in the name of justice, but Ares broke the Order’s code and used his sword for revenge. Love cost him dearly once before, and he’s not willing to pay the price again. At least not until hot, sweet, delectable Emma enters his world. Not only does she have the ability to save an ancient empire’s collapse, she holds the key to a valuable Sicari relic and quite likely the key to his heart.

Archeologist Emma Zale sees the past when she touches ancient relics. It’s how she uncovered evidence of an ancient order of assassins—the Sicari. When a sinfully dark stranger shows up on her Chicago doorstep, he drags her into a world where ancient Rome still rules, and telekinesis and empaths are the norm. But someone wants her dead, and her only hope of survival is an assassin who’s every bit as dangerous to her body as he is to her heart.

Ancient Rome Collides with Present-Day Chicago and Only Love Can Save an Empire’s Collapse and Ensure Another’s Downfall

This award-winning series (reissued for the first time) starts off with a bang with an exciting combination of romance, suspense, sexy paranormal assassin heroes, and extraordinary world-building. 

~ My Review ~
4 out of 5 Stars

For me, this book was definitely one that instantly grabs you and sucks you in.  I have to admit I'm a bit of a sucker for mysteries that involve ancient secret societies, searching for lost relics -- all the good stuff.  You add a touch of magical abilities, and some GREAT, hot romance, and I am a HAPPY girl.  This book made me a happy, happy girl.

Another plus for this book? The perfect combination of damsel in distress, and damsel doesn't need you.  In fact, YOU need damsel, or you're in big trouble.  The female lead of this story is brilliant, educated, tough, and not afraid to go wherever she needs to go, or do whatever she needs to do, to find the answers she needs.  Yes, she's an archeologist, and it somewhat comes with the territory, but when you reach a certain level of danger -- like lots of people around you dying, and a good chance you're next -- that's when most archeologists probably decide to move on.  Not Emma. It only pushed her more, because now she had vengeance in her heart and some killers to bring to justice.

And then there's Ares...now THERE'S a guy to give you some drive to keep placing your life in danger.  I'd help that man find any secrets he wanted.  Granted, in the beginning, their meeting wasn't the best, and I probably would've wanted to kill him (as she did), because he didn't go about his introduction in the best way, which he did realize later.  In fact, this is probably one of the very few parts of the book that still stands out to me as a part of the book that bugged me a bit -- but only a bit, mostly because of hindsight, and how it ended up working out.  But in the moment (and I won’t give it away with spoilers), it was...awkward to put it best.  Their interaction felt a little wrong considering she had no idea who he was, other than the fact that it appeared he was extremely dangerous.  The scene made me uncomfortable at the time, but as I said, hindsight makes it a little better, once you know more about him.

Ares is a very sexy dude with very literally the weight of the world on his shoulders, and had no idea how much Emma would change everything, and in how many ways she would change it.  I liked how they got to know each other (after the above mentioned scene), and the fact that it was complicated.  Yes, my inner-monologue did a ton of "why don't you just say....?!" or "why don't you just do this?" It's so simple!  But these two are taught not to trust, and both are in very big, and at the beginning, very different, danger.  Trust and relationship stuff SHOULD be complicated, even though they desperately want to give into their extreme attraction to each other -- you know, human and all.  Some may be annoyed by the back and forth, but to me it makes very realistic sense.

This book was so much awesome to me, because it wasn't just romance. It wasn't just your average historical mystery.  It was a ton of hold-your-breath danger, what the heck is gonna happen next, who can we trust, and OMG! Is it 3am already?!  Yeah...that kind of book. 

And did I mention the hot romance?  We all know as readers that authors can sometimes make sex scenes feel like it's an author writing a sex scene; it can feel a little awkward, and just one weird word used to describe a body part can throw off the whole feeling of the scene.  This never happens in this book.  Some of the best written scenes I've read -- not distracting to the story either, like the author was throwing sex scenes in to get the readers’ attention.  And vice-versa with the story itself.  The story undoubtedly could've held its own with no sex scenes at all.  It was a great balance.

As we know it's a series, and one common concern about the end of a book in a series is cliffhangers, I'll put your mind (sort of) at ease.  There's only a very minor cliffhanger, in the fact that the story for this book was wrapped up, but there was a set up that leaves us looking forward to what happens in the next book.  In my opinion, the end of the book did fall a little flat, and could've had a little more excitement, but there was an end that set up the next book without killing you like the end of a Walking Dead episode, or the last season of Game of Thrones. 

I'm really, really looking forward to what happens next with all of these characters and their search for ancient history, the extreme danger they'll no doubt be in, and more super sexiness that I know we'll be seeing too!

Available for purchase at 


Assassin's Heart 

(Order of the Sicari #2)

Can the truth of the soul Conquer the pain of its ancient past. 

Unlike other Sicari, Lysander Condellaire has telepathic and telekinetic powers. Not until the night a Praetorian tortured him and left him for dead did he understand why. Now, the half-angelic, half-demonic face he sees in the mirror is a reminder of the monster he must keep hidden or face expulsion from the order of assassins known as the Sicari. But his dreams of ancient Rome hint at a destiny difficult to accept, especially when it involves the woman he loves, but can never have. 

A gifted healer in the Order, Phaedra DeLuca witnessed her mother’s murder when she was a little girl. The haunting memory makes her loathe everything Praetorian. When she travels to Rome in search of an ancient artifact, she must work alongside a man who once cruelly rejected her love and healing touch. But her dreams of ancient Rome tell of an irreversible and possibly dangerous future. For the distant past and present are about to collide–with the one man she is destined to love. 

~ My Review ~
5 out of 5 Stars
Once again, this series does not disappoint.  I love when a series has several different things happening at the same time, keeping you on your toes, but not burying or confusing you.  This author accomplishes that perfectly.  There are so many exciting things happening concurrently, but they blend together perfectly.

As we learn more about some of our favorite members of the order (or members that become favorites as we read this book), we find so many super cool twists that show many of them are much more connected than we realized.  And by connected, I mean by past events going back thousands of years, to events that have happened in recent years.  When Lysander is one of the first to figure out many of these connections, he’s immediately devastated, as he thinks it changes everything he ever thought it was, and although he’s falling for Phaedra, he truly believes these truths will make her hate him, so he decides to end things first.

The problem is that Phaedra is not your average woman.  She’s a kickass heroine in a thousand different ways.  Although hurt at first, she’s not buying what Lysander’s selling.  She knows something’s up.  And when they’re both sent to Rome on a mission, with Lysander assigned to lead, the phrase “nobody puts Baby in a corner” comes to mind over and over, just as “no one puts Phaedra in a corner”.  I LOVE Phaedra.  Whether it’s the woman who raised her (and also leads the order), or Lysander that constantly tries to keep her out of harm’s way, she goes ahead with her own thing – and she’s pretty much always right.

I won’t give it away too much, but one of the critical parts of the story brings us back and forth from a story in ancient Rome to current day.  I absolutely loved the depth this added to the story. What happened in the times of ancient Rome were not only revealing for critical information to their mission in current day Rome, but it also brings some shocking revelations that Phaedra is one of the first to start figuring out.

Once again, the writing in this book was perfect.  The fight scenes kept you on the edge of your seat, and you never had to re-read it to figure out what was going on, no matter how action packed it was.  There were definitely some super HOT scenes, and they were very smoothly written, not awkward or moments where you want to say “please stop over using that word” (we’ve all read at least one of those).  Everything she wrote felt real, flowed smoothly, wasn’t drawn out, but wasn’t too short either.

This book kept my attention the entire time, and I most definitely enjoyed it.  I can’t wait to see what happens next with the mysteries they’ve discovered in Rome!

Available for purchase at 


Inferno's Kiss 

(Order of the Sicari #3)

The Sicari brotherhood is back and this time they're taking no prisoners when it comes to protecting the Order as warriors and lovers are torn between duty and desire. 

Dante Condellaire, heir apparent to the Sicari Lords, knows that being a true leader means sacrifice. For Dante it was relinquishing all erotic pleasures. But he never expected his willpower to be tested so fiercely by Cleopatra Vorenus, expert assassin of the Order, and daughter of the man he is positioned to succeed. 

Cleo prefers working alone—until she meets Dante who shares her goal: to destroy a Praetorian stronghold where Sicari women are imprisoned for devious purposes. Bringing the mission off without a hitch pumps up more than their resolve. It sets off a sexual spark too combustible to ignore. 

As their attraction flares like an inferno, the stakes are raised. So are the risks. Before the mission is over, Dante and Cleo will be plunged into a dangerous conspiracy where a traitor threatens the very foundation of the Order, as well as the fiery bond between Dante and Cleo—warriors and lovers now torn between duty and desire. 

“WOW! A kick-ass self-confident heroine and an alpha male with a side order of vulnerability practically guarantee a mind blowing reading experience." — Fresh Fiction 

“I loved that Cleo is the experienced lover while Dante is the virgin. Hallelujah and pass the cornbread. The sexual tension in here had me on edge, waiting to see if Dante would succumb or abstain.” — Smexy Books 

~ My Review ~
3 out of 5 Stars
I have to admit, this review was REALLY hard for me to write.  This book is the third book in a series that has thus far been an even combination of mystery, romance, love of family – created or blood related – and the intensifying battle between the Sicari and the Praetorians.  However, this book felt like it took a sharp turn away from the developing story between the battle between the Sicari and Praetorians, and the treasure they both searched for that could potentially declare a winner once and for all.  Instead, the book largely focused on not one, but this time two, romances.  It was very heavy on the sex scenes and/or sexual tension between the two couples.

The reason this was hard for me to rate, was because if you like SUPER steamy romances, this may be a book that you really enjoy.  Once again, the author does a good job in the way she writes them, doesn’t make them awkward, and makes them very natural.  However, this is the third book in a series that had some major build up going on in the previous two books to what was going to happen between the Sicari and Praetorians, and what would come of this secret that dates back to ancient Rome, and what it could change for all of them.  Although this subject is certainly addressed, it felt like it was rushed to a close, and we never really got much in the way of answers.  I don’t want to give any spoilers, but it came to a slightly abrupt, and to me felt like not-so-satisfying end.

In rating this, I rated it based on continuity of the story, and that I felt the ending wasn’t as satisfying as I was hoping. BUT, if you’ve been following this story more for the romances, then this story may end up being your favorite one, since you will definitely get your fill!  This is certainly a book that you will have to read on your own to find what YOU feel the rating should be, since it was well written, just to me, not the same direction as the other books.

Available for purchase at 


The Order of the Sicari Series

 About the Author

Monica Burns is a bestselling author of spicy historical and paranormal romance. She penned her first romance at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. Her historical book awards include the 2011 RT BookReviews Reviewers Choice Award and the 2012 Gayle Wilson Heart of Excellence Award for Pleasure Me.

She is also the recipient of the prestigious paranormal romance award, the 2011 PRISM Best of the Best award for Assassin’s Heart. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica is a survivor who believes every hero and heroine deserves a HEA (Happily Ever After), especially if she’s writing the story.

You can find Monica at


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