Sunday, August 28, 2016

~~BOOK REVIEW~~ How Do I Get You Alone ~ by Cameo Renae

Lyssa Taylor totally thinks she has her future planned out. Being eighteen with strict parents, a relationship is the last thing on her mind.

But when she and her best friends arrive at the cabin for their last summer vacation, the handsome Travis Preston—her secret childhood crush, and best friend's (off-limits) older brother—is also there.

Now, what was expected to be a simple, fun vacation, turns out to be one spark-igniting, complicated mess.

1987: (HOW DO I GET YOU) ALONE is part of the Love in the 80s new adult romance series. It is a Stand-alone Novella which can be read on its own.

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My Review:
~~5 out of 5 stars~~

**This book can be read as a standalone (which is how I read it), although it is written in novella form with other authors, each writing a novella set in a different year of the 80’s**

Let us start with Cameo Renae’s ability to make me cry.  She’s always been very good at it.  This time?  I wasn’t able to read this book without constant Kleenex.  It wasn’t necessarily because of sadness, it was also laughter too.  I adored this story, and I adored each and every character.

Although this was her first NA Contemporary Romance, you would think she had always been writing them.  It was a sweet, romantic, funny, and sometimes sad story.  Although it was set in the 80’s, it still hit very powerfully emotional times we have all hit in our lives – dealing with deaths of loved ones past and present, and that all important stage in life where it’s time for you and those you’ve spent your life growing up with to move on in different directions after high school.  Even harder, is when you have someone you’ve loved for a long time, or even someone you’ve just begun to love, and you feel like you have to choose between that person or your future.

This book was incredibly emotional, but so many times in such a positive way.  It shows how much each and every person and experience in your life when you’re younger helps you become who you are, and it’s your choice if it’s a positive one.

Then there’s Travis…I can’t see how you can’t fall in love with him immediately.  He’s had a rough time in life, but there’s no denying his positive qualities that draw you in immediately.

I’ll stop here before I give too much of the book away, but I will say I read this book in one sitting, and it didn’t at all feel like a Novella.  It felt like a full novel – and I mean FELT.  SO MANY FEELINGS.  Such a sweet story that I may even read again!

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