Sunday, August 28, 2016

~~BOOK REVIEW~~ Reclamations (BBS #3) by Wendi Kelly & Deborah Dorchak

The secrets of the past have been unearthed and with them, lives torn apart, exposed, and laid to waste. An ancient bloodline struggles to survive the chaos, violence and warped beliefs fostered over a hundred years.

Diego vowed to take care of Selene Flynn, bringing his enemy’s daughter into the Pack to assure her protection. No one knows what lengths the Senator will go to get her back, or the sacrifices Diego will make to keep her safe. The promise has been made and the Pack will pay the ultimate price in reclaiming what was lost. Devastation looms on the horizon and their lives will never be the same.

Selene’s destiny is tangled with the Prince Regent, Drew Cavanaugh. Both raised for one purpose: To provide an heir for the evil Tau Regency. Can she trust the dark haired stranger with the velvet voice, even though he was raised and trained by her father, Robert Flynn, or should she stay loyal to the Pack that has put their lives on the line for her?

Bitter enemies are thrown together in an age-old battle against time, power and evil. 

My Review:
~~5 out of 5 stars~~

This is one of my most difficult reviews to write because there’s SO much that happened that I’m dying to share, but I don’t want to give any spoilers.  But most importantly? GET YOUR TISSUES READY.  The best way to put it is to say there’s a major change that takes place that makes you cry over and over.  You cry when you see it coming.  You cry when it happens.  And when you finally think you can move on when it happens, you keep getting reminded and cry again.  The weird part?  It’s still a good cry – every time.  It makes you realize how much each of these characters and everything they go through affect you.  They’ve become a sort of odd coupling of family, but they feel like they’ve become your own family as well.

Of course, there’s never only ONE event that happens in these books.  This poor group always has several things going on at once.  Some are good, as different friendships and relationships grow, and as the individuals themselves grow.  However, there’s always someone out there that doesn’t want their lives to be easy.  And when you bring a lioness into your family that never knew she had her future planned out in a not so nice way by her not so nice father, things get much more complicated.

One of the best things about reading these books in this series is that you never even have a clue about who will survive, who will have a happy ending, or even WHAT the happy ending is – you think a happy ending should be one way, and find out it’s possible for two different endings to be happy, so you have no idea how it will end – and I mean NO idea.  In these books, there’s several different levels of a happy ending, and the end of THIS book will definitely surprise you, but when you give it more thought, you realize these people aren’t just PEOPLE…they’re half animal.  Therefore, their lives aren’t going to be lived exactly the same as ours.

The bottom line is that when it comes to this series, you will never see what’s coming – and you’ll love it!  If you’re like me, and tend to predict what’s going to happen long before it does, it’s very likely that won’t happen here.  There ARE some things the authors hint towards, where there’s something that’s going to happen in a character’s future, but it’s like they’re only throwing you a bone to make you feel like you’re predicting things, but they’re really just setting it up for you. ;-)

I love this series more and more with each book, and am already heavily into the next.  They’re long reads – real NOVELS – and I savor all the time I read them, and knowing each day that I get to delve back into their world each night!

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