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BOOK REVIEW: Woodland Creek Tour ~~ Broken Wings by Mindy Larson

Broken Wings (Woodland Creek)
by Mindy Larson
Woodland Creek Series.
30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories.

 Meet sexy bad-boy biker, Plymouth Crane. Owner of Crane Motorcycle and Repair by day. Pegasus shifter by night.

The super-sexy, beast of a man only has eyes for Paloma Foster. Coffee shop owner, and unknowingly, half-breed Pegasus shifter. Unfortunately, she’s also his ex. Every day his heart and his body push him to question his resolution to break up with her, to allow her to be “normal.” Especially when she finds another man.

Caught in a love triangle between two sexy men with too many secrets, Paloma remains ignorant of the shifter population of her hometown, Woodland Creek, Indiana, as well as to her own heritage. She begins her day with coffee and ends it with wine, all the while hoping to discover the truth of where her heart belongs.

Big plans are in store for the shifters of Woodland Creek, especially the only half-breed left in existence, Paloma Foster.

Love, secrets and lies make for a thrilling ride in Broken Wings.

My Review:

4 out of 5 stars

This was the first book I read in the Woodland Creek series, and it took no time and all for me to want to know more about this incredible town and the shifters that live in it. Pegasus shifters?? Definitely a first for me, and I loved it!

From the beginning, my heart broke for Plymouth and Paloma, because as a reader, I could feel their longing, and the fact that they were meant to be together, but neither realized at the time just how magical their connection actually was.  Instead, Plymouth tried to let her live a normal human life, keeping his shifter secret from her for her own good, while watching her date another guy that everyone involved (including us readers) knew was a guy that was in no way meant for her.  We just didn't know HOW not meant for her he was.  There were several twists and turns throughout the story that kept me on my toes, kept me reading, and read it in one sitting!

Woodland Creek is a unique town, with many unique secrets.  It seems like the biggest secret is the amount of shifters that live among the humans, who have no idea, but there's so much more.  In this story we find there are also some dark secrets...some big ones...that even the shifters don't know about.  This story was part paranormal romance and part mystery, and the mystery definitely kept my interest piqued to the very end.

Throughout the story, there was no question there was an undeniable attraction that would never stop pulling at Plymouth and Paloma.  However, there were times where I felt parts of where their attraction was mentioned were a bit distracting from what was going on at that moment -- a conversation, for example, where the author added in mention of one of them feeling a sexual desire right at that moment, where at that moment it felt like more of a forced mention, than a necessary mention.  However, any sex scenes themselves were very well written, in no way awkward, and flowed very well.  And as many of us know even as readers, this is certainly not always an easy thing for a writer to do!

This was a very good story, mystery, and romance.  I loved the main characters, including Plymouth's sister. How the story ends is not only very surprising, but definitely leaves you to wonder what will happen in the future for all of the characters involved!

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About The Author:
Mindy Larson is an Amazon bestselling author and lives happily ever after in Southeast Idaho with the love of her life and five kids. Besides Broken Wings, A Woodland Creek novel, she's the author of Sweet Tooth a paranormal erotic short story part of the Just Desserts Collection, and the paranormal romance series The Pre-Earth series. Including: The Beginning of The End, This Morning I Woke Up Dead, Wake Up! We’re No Longer Dead and No One Gets Out Alive. Watch for In My Dreams an erotica contemporary spin-off of her Pre-Earth series. Coming soon.



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