Friday, February 12, 2016

~~UNDER CONSTRUCTION~~ Just for a bit!!

Please Excuse My Mess!!

Over the rest of February, I'm working on doing some clean up on this here blog, so I can better advertise for all those wonderful authors I want to make sure you know about!!

You will notice changes to the blog itself, and in the background, I will be working on a few extra reviews requested and a beta read that was also requested. will appear I've become suddenly disorganized, and slightly absent.  But have no fear! It's all for the better!! 

And as always, my Facebook page will have frequent posts, which also focuses more on the "Other Loves" portion of my blog ~~ all of my geeky nerdy loves are shared there.  Please give it a follow at  

For those that really like reviews only, I also created an album on my Facebook page just for reviews. Just go to the album, "Reviews", click on the picture of the cover, and you will find my review!  I'm also slowly adding to that album as well, and catching up on my Goodreads reviews that need updating (and some that appear to have!).

If you like what I've been doing here, please give this page a follow as well, so I know there's people out there that like what I'm doing! :-)  Also, spreading the word to any of your friends that would like the page is greatly appreciated too!

Do you want more or less of something on either this page or my Facebook page?  I would LOVE recommendations! You can message me either through this page, or the facebook page.  Honestly, peeps...I REALLY do like constructive criticism.  Just like authors appreciate from us bloggers and reviewers, we like it in return.  It only makes the page better!

Thank you all for coming along on this ride with me -- it's been truly gratifying helping so many indie authors, and finding great new authors for myself through doing this!

Also, when you see my posts, please pay close attention to where I get much of my tour information from.  I work mostly with two blog tour hosts: Enchantress Design and Promo and Lady Amber's Reviews and Blog Tours.  These women work HARD puting together all of these materials for us, and they do a great job with it!

And special thanks to Wayne "winkstr" Watkins for designing my logo -- each pixel single-handedly, and with very little experience in design.  I can't wait to see what incredible future his design work will bring!

~~Erin ~~ Bookstruck Books and Other Loves ~~

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