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2 REVIEWS and BLOG TOUR!! ~~ Spotlight of Static (Luminaries Book #2) by S.K. Anthony; Review and Links for Kinetic (Book #1)

Title: Static (The Luminaries, Book Two)
Author: S K Anthony
Genre: Urban Fantasy (with a hint of NA)
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Kevin Pierce is a teleporter, a ladies’ man, and a loyal friend . . . or so he thought.

As a genetically altered Luminary, he helps the government bring down some of the most dangerous criminals. Not very challenging if you have his special abilities. But when a group of rebel Luminaries attacks his Organization the fight for survival 

One shattering event after another tests the depth of his relationships, his sanity, and his powers. Emotionally torn, Kevin must choose carefully where his loyalty lies. In the middle of all the unexpected chaos he gets the biggest shock of his life when he’s faced by a betrayal he never saw coming. Angry, injured, and ready to even the score, Kevin goes Static . . .

My Review:
5 out of 5 stars

First of all, I really love how this is part 2 of a series, but is looked at from a completely different angle.  Yes, it is a continuation in many ways (reading the first book is really a must, in order to understand what Luminaries are), but although both books are written from one person’s point of view, it is a different person in each book.  The previous book was from the point of view of someone that already been in the organization for a while, and was forced to take a different look; but this book is from Kevin’s point of view, who was introduced in the last book as a young kid, just learning everything – including who he was.  This book is a few years later, and it looks like he’s STILL learning who he is.

This time, Kevin has made new friends, has 2 partners he works with close together, and serious commitment issues, other than to those he considers family.  After he finds out early in the book that his ego can certainly be as dangerous as all of those around him had warned him, he’s forced to look as his job – and his life – completely differently.

Kevin’s side of the story is just the tip of the iceberg to this book.  Just like the first, this book did NOT disappoint in keeping you on your toes on every page.  Think you figured out who the bad guy is? Nope.  Think you really figured it out this time? Nope.  Think there’s more than one? Maybe…oh wait…there’s more.  Wait, wait…there’s one. Wait…I have no freakin’ clue.

Then there’s a LOT of new people that weren’t in the previous book, so you’re not given the comfort of “this person was a badass/important character in the last book, so I’m sure they’ll be fine, and they’ll be the good guy in this book too.  Nope.  You have to figure it ALL out all over again.  As someone that’s usually pretty good with my hunches being correct about who’s good and who’s bad, this book never made ‘good’ or ‘bad’ black and white. Ever.  And no one is safe.  It’s a massive scientific and mystery–filled, detailed plot.  It’s original, and it’s fantastic.  Very literally up to the last word of the book.

In the first book, there wasn’t really a cliffhanger, and although it left the door open for a book 2, it could’ve been fine as a stand-alone.  Not so for this one.  You know there’s going to be a book 3, since there’s much to be done, but just as you’re wondering who the main character will be, the final chapter changes point of view. It’s no longer from Kevin’s point of view.  And you don’t even know who’s point of view it is until the last sentence.  But with this author? I’m still not making the assumption that I know who’s point of view the next book will be from.  This author is one EXCEPTIONAL curveball thrower!  And I can’t wait to see what is thrown at us next!!

Excerpt (Static):

I followed her movements, which then forced me to take a good look at her. She had come in with a gray hoodie, the one she’d stolen from me the first time she beat the crap out of me in a fight. In my defense, I wasn’t able to really hit her because she was 
a girl. I learned soon after that how wrong I was; she was tougher than most guys I knew. She boggled my mind for so many reasons. Right now, though, she wore it over a black short skirt, tights, and boots with three-inch heels. A belt with a big, diamond square buckle hugged her waist. How she made it look stylish, I had no clue. 

“Does that really go together?” I asked, pointing at her outfit.

“Not really, but it’s cold.” She smiled, and proceeded to open the belt and take off the hoodie. Underneath it, I found out what an hourglass figure truly looked like. She wasn’t too skinny; she had meat on her, but it was in pretty good proportions. Her black, 
very tight, long-sleeved top was immediately adorned with the belt she’d taken off, accenting her tiny waist. And her hair? Well, she even had it loose. It was long and silky. 

I’d always thought of her as my sister, but this chick didn’t look like she should be anyone’s sister. She sat down next to me.

“What’d you do to your hair? And are you wearing makeup?”

Her brows creased. “Don’t make fun of me.”

“Well, it looks funny. You—” I stopped at the look of murder that crept in her eyes. 

“It looks nice, it’s just different. I didn’t think you liked being girly.”

“I’m a girl. How can I not be girly?”

“You know what I mean; you are more of a tomboy.”

“That was because I was still trying to learn how to be out in the field and use my powers. Now that I know how, I think it’s perfectly fine to dress up if I want to.”

“Right. Come on, you only dress up for missions if you have to. Like at the club,” I said, laughing. “Even in training you were always more boyish.”

“I was not.” She frowned.

“Yes, you were. How did you even learn to put on makeup? You probably practiced all weekend—” I saw her fist coming at my face and teleported right on time. 

Unfortunately, Ryan fell over. I went to pick her up but she stopped me. Shit. I’d pissed her off real bad. If I was not mistaken, her blue eyes were a bit teary.

“You are an ass.”

“Dude, I’m sorry. I was just kidding. I’m not used to seeing you as a girl,” I said, and dashed to the door. Man, that was perfect timing on Chris’s part to ring the bell.

“Well, get used to it. And stop making fun of me or I’ll give your face some scars to match your brother’s.” 

“That’s harsh. Jeez,” I said, rubbing my face. 

Chris walked in at the same time, and said, “Hey, you look pretty, Ry.”

“Don’t be a prick,” she said and got up. “We have to go.”

“I’m not,” he said frowning. “What’s up with her?” he asked me in a whisper as we followed her.

“It’s not you. I made fun of her before, so now she is all defensive, like it’s our fault she suddenly decided to be a girl.”

“She looks nice as a girl,” Chris said, checking her out walking down the hallway. 

I shrugged. “I guess. But she’s the one who always made fun of them and now she’s all dressed up. Look at her skirt, too tight for her own good—what are you doing? 

Stop staring at her. She’s going to melt your eyes if you don’t stop.”

“I’ll make her forget,” he said with a grin.

“You and your hypnosis. Do you ever confront anything head on, or do you always modify your way out?”

“Modify my way out. Why deal with crap if I don’t have to?” He shrugged.

“Good thing you’d never do that to me,” I said to Chris. “Wait, what was that look? 

Dude, that would be very un-bro-like!”

“It would be.” Chris smiled, and hurried out behind Ryan.


Buy Links:  Static (Book 2)
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Blurb (Kinetic ~~ Book 1): 

Being strong is one thing. Being an unlimited source of power is quite another.

Genetically altered by the Organization, Annie Fox takes down criminals CIA-style with her luminary strength. With nothing to mend but her broken heart, she is relentlessly pursued by her boss Derek Lake. Just when Annie is about to give him a chance, her 
ex-husband unexpectedly comes out of hiding.

A wanted man, Nick Logan is a cold-hearted murderer who is considered enemy number one, and orders are clear: kill on contact. He is more powerful than ever and threatens the lives of those she holds most dear. His plan? Get his hands on Annie and use her Kinetic energy to destroy them all. When Annie finds herself with an opportunity to end him, she pauses, horrified by the scars covering the face she once loved. A split second that will cost her everything… 

My Review:
5 out of 5 stars

First off, the one thing that stood out the most from the beginning of this book is the writing, and how the book started – how you are brought into the story.  I noticed there were some reviews that complained it was confusing, like there should’ve been a previous book explaining things first, but for me, that was what made this book interesting.  The author didn’t hold your hand step by step, going into detailed explanations of what turns out to be VERY complicated people in a very complicated situation. Had it been written that way, I think it would have been very dry and boring, with too many ‘facts’ thrown at you.  This is not what happens in this book.

In this story, you are dropped into the lives of the luminaries from the point of view of Annie Fox.  Throughout the story, you slowly find out about bits and pieces of her past, the past of the organization she works for, what luminaries are, and the personalities and stories of each of them.  And of course, they are faced with a serious adversary, finding MORE about their pasts and where they came from that is quite shocking to them, and trying to find out one by one who they can and can’t trust – especially Annie, when her ex-husband returns with a big story that she doesn’t know if she can believe.

This is NOT a story you can every get comfortable in.  There are constant changing events and people, and right when you’re sure you can or can’t trust someone, you’re not sure again.  You feel this constant rollercoaster through the entire story, and I could not have enjoyed it more.

I would imagine it would have to be difficult for an author to have such a large amount of events and characters constantly evolving, but as a reader, you couldn’t tell.  The story was constantly intriguing and interesting, and I loved that I never got bored.  I couldn’t pick up the second book fast enough to find out what was to come next for those characters that were left standing after such a crazy ride.


Buy Links:  Kinetic (Book 1)
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Author Bio: 
K. Anthony is a writer, a reader and a make-stuff-up-er who lives in New York with her husband and toddler twins. She is a wine connoisseur, which just really means she knows she loves it, and a caffeine addict. When she isn’t busy with her family, she finds herself being transported into the world of imagination. Well, either that or running away from spiders . . . she is convinced they are out to get her!

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