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~ BOOK REVIEW ~ Omorrow ~ by C.L. Gaber

Omorrow (Ascenders #3)
by C.L. Gaber

Expired at seventeen and living in a middle world for those who died young, Walker Callaghan and her rebellious love, Daniel Reid, have been tasked with an insurmountable mission: Find something hidden in the past that will forever change everything for the living and the dead.

Sent to a place where a second can mean a lifetime, Walker and Daniel find their existence threatened as they scour New York City decades to find the lost, secret writings of Albert Einstein. They are warned, "Die in the past and you will never be born in the future."

History has a way of being rewritten by those who defy the odds. In the third book of the Ascenders Saga, will Walker manage to survive or delete her own story?

~My Review~
5 out of 5 Stars!

Once again, Ms. Gaber does not disappoint! It literally starts with a bang (a crash, really), and from there you feel like you’re constantly running right along with the characters.  Admittedly, the beginning was a bit confusing, and may be confusing to others that don’t recognize the history of their first “ghost” encounter, because I wasn’t sure at first if he was someone that was supposed to be there, or if he was a ghost.  And for a bit after that, it felt a tiny slow in places, focusing more on the times they were in, rather than focusing on the mission.  But it did come together and pick up the pace quickly, just like the other 2 books.  It didn’t take long until I was alternating between holding my breath, crying and laughing!

This book is largely focused on time travel, traveling through decades looking for clues for something that may eventually save ALL worlds – living and dead.  But not only is this group forced to face the dangers of being in the living realm, but what every choice they make could effect in the future, and if they can  even trust everyone in their group in the first place.  There are so many things going on at once, like I said – holding my breath a lot!

I loved the descriptions of what was happening and where in each time they landed in.  It was very easy to feel like I was there, even though the majority of these time periods happened before I was born, in a state I’ve never even visited.  The author also did a great job of not describing the things that we all know about from history lessons, but writing about people, places, etc. that we may not have known about, but were REALLY interesting.  It just added that much more to the story.  I especially liked when they actually visited the year I was born, because it kept having more effects on the rest of the story – some good and some bad.  Again, very well written!

There were several surprises throughout the story too, good and bad, and the last ¼ of the book really threw me for a loop! Every time you think it’s the end of their journey, not only is it not, but there’s a big surprise that goes with it.  I LOVE when I can’t predict what will happen in a book, and even though it seems like some things are obviously predictable, Ms. Gaber will throw me a bone with, “you were right, BUT here’s the huge twist that goes with it…”  I loved it!

Once again, I was not at all disappointed with this book, and the set up at the end for the next book was perfect.  This adventure was wrapped up perfectly, but there was only a tiny cliffhanger that hinted towards much more to come – and I can’t wait!

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