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~Blog Tour with Review and Trailer!~ Keeper of Crows by Casey Bond

Title: Keeper of Crows
Author: Casey Bond
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror
Cover Designer: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design & Photography
Editor: Stacy Sanford, The Girl with the Red Pen
Book Trailer by: Rebecca Ethington
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Carmen Kennedy is a spoiled brat from Beverly Hills with a chip on her shoulder and a cocaine addiction to match. Using drugs to suppress reality, her life is more than she can stomach most days. All she wants is to disappear, and on one fateful night, her wish is granted.

There is a world that exists just beyond the fabric of our own. When Carmen is dragged there against her will, her hopelessness seems to disappear, replaced by a determination to survive. The Keeper of Crows is charged with guarding Carmen, but is safety a possibility in a world so desolate? Can love blossom when danger lies in wait? Together, they fight like hell, seeming to lose more ground than they gain with each battle against the dark enemy threatening to tear them apart. Can love keep her safe? Can it give her the strength she needs?

When the lines between life and death, reality and dream become blurred, who will save the souls trapped in the spaces between Heaven and Hell? Who will save Carmen's only love, The Keeper of Crows?

My Review:
5 out of 5 Stars!
I don't even know where to begin about how wonderful and original this book is! I honestly began the book (likely by the author's design) thinking that this book was going to be about a spoiled rich girl that continues to make a series of mistakes, and no matter what magical occurrences keep happening to her, she will be continue to make selfish decisions that end up getting everyone else around her in serious danger. It did start out that way, but it certainly didn't last long. And when she did make poor decisions, they only hurt her, which was her goal, since no matter how rich she was, she hated herself and her life.

After one near death experience, I found myself wondering how she was going to find a way to get herself back into another near death experience, since this seemed to be her new life goal, with the bonus of hurting her father's image, who she despised. However, in an interesting twist of fate, her next near death experience came much faster than expected, not by her design, and as we find out later.

In this case, she is literally dragged into an entire different reality, and her need to escape life instantly becomes a need to save her life. This new place had too much bizarre going on, she had no idea if she was alive or dead, or who she could trust.

I don't want to give too much away, but this 'other world' she becomes a part of is truly incredible in the way the author has created it. She does an amazing job describing an immense amount of detail regarding both the place and beings that lived there, and it was so easy to imagine it and everything that was going on there. I was so incredibly sucked into the story, which the author made easy, because I didn't have to keep re-reading to understand what things were or what things looked like. It was a very impressive world with layers into other worlds that seamlessly made sense.

Then, there was the Keeper of Crows. The more you read about him, the more you realize there are more and more layers to him, and it makes so much sense why they are so drawn to each other. In what seems like a hopeless situation, just being together makes it seem brighter, makes them see some good, and makes them want to do whatever it takes to make things better -- together.

Of course, there were constant twists and turns that you don't see coming, which makes it nearly impossible to put the book down. Right when you're sure you know how everything is going to play out, especially because a character (I don't want to give away) tells her close to the end HOW it will play out, you're left freaking out a little that it may not happen that way after all. The world, the people in it, and even your own mind has a tendency to throw curve balls. I'm now dying to read the next book to find out what, if anything, these curve balls have changed. Is it a trick, or is it real? If it's a trick, is all of it a trick or just some of it?

Like I said, there are many layers to this book, and it's like nothing I've read before. I love every bit about it, and will immediately read the next one when it's here!

Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction.

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