Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NEW RELEASE REVIEW! ~~ Lucky Devil by Cat Miller Released TODAY!!

Lucky Devil
by Cat Miller 


In Sin City, Luc Christianson is the king of all things wicked. He’s a ruthless hotel and casino owner with an aversion to gamblers who risk more than they can afford to lose. His members only gambling and entertainment club caters to wealthy, decadent, and occasionally careless Vegas regulars. In Luc’s world there’s no pity for the reckless when it’s time to ante up.

Everly Parker is risking it all to save her family from ruin. Her father, an alcoholic with a gambling addiction, wagers the family cattle ranch on a game of cards and loses. It’s up to Everly to find a way to get back her family’s legacy.

Everly’s confrontation with the striking illegal club owner who now owns the ranch goes from bad to worse when she dares him to play her for the ranch. Winner take all. She makes the tragic mistake of betting the one thing she can’t afford to lose. Herself.

My Review:
5 out of 5 stars!

First, I would like to note that 5 stars is pretty huge for me for a romance book.  I read a lot of paranormal romance, but more for the paranormal rather than the romance.  Most romance books I read I get SUPER picky about.  I start actually skipping over sex scenes because it seems like the same sex over and over, or they’re just drawn out to fill pages.  But in this case, knowing who the author was, I thought I could definitely give this book a chance, and I was NOT wrong!

I gotta say…Ms. Miller has a perfectly filthy, filthy mind! There were LOTS of sex scenes in this book, and not one was even close to the same.  Never was there a time where I cringed, thinking, “Did they really have to use THAT word?” Or “Are they using that word AGAIN? Get creative, already!”  Nope.  Not in this book.  Not once.  I skipped over zero words.  I was totally entranced the whole time – and that’s just the sexy part!

The rest of the story?  *Sigh* It was a perfectly messy, imperfect love story.  And when I say ‘perfectly messy’, it’s because real life love stories are never perfect.  They get messy, and in cases like Everly and Luc, they start messy…sometimes REALLY messy.  And I wasn’t disappointed with a story about a typical bad boy that meets this good girl, falls instantly in love, and decides he doesn’t want to be a bad boy anymore.  Nope.  Like I said – messy.  Their relationship took forever to even become a relationship.  We really don’t know until the end if there is anything good that can come of the two of them being together.  It was a fantastically fun rollercoaster, filled with a messed up guy, a few no-nonsense women in his life (one a best friend who also became Everly’s friend), and another best friend that didn’t say much, but when he did, you listened.

This book had all the right characters, all the right twists and turns (and there were several scary ones), all the right steamy, STEAMY sex, and every other possible component of a book that would make you fall in love with it.  I highly recommend reading it, and may be reading it a second time myself!

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